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1. Sterile Area

The sterile area is defined as the space beyond the security screening checkpoint. Only ticketed and screened passengers, or holders of a Sterile Area Worker (SAW) badge or a SIDA identification badge may proceed into this area.

2. Airport Identification Badge

An airport issued badge allowing access to certain restricted areas of the airport. The Airport Identification Badge may be one of the following:

  • SIDA (Security Identification Display Area)
  • Non-SIDA, or
  • SAW (Sterile Area Worker)

3. Security Identification Display Area (SIDA)

The Security Identification Display Area is where you must display your proper identification badge in an easily viewable area above the waist.  The SIDA area requires “challenge” procedures.  These challenge procedures are used by ALL employees to assure that anyone in this area is wearing and displaying their appropriate ID badge.

4. Non-SIDA Area

Restricted areas on the airport periphery encompassing the Fixed Base Operators, the Air Traffic Control Tower and US Customs, where Non-SIDA identification is required.

5. Air Operations Area (AOA) Vehicle Permit

A permanent sticker or temporary placard affixed to a vehicle authorizing access to the restricted areas of the airport.

6. Authorized Signatory Letter

A letter, generated on company letterhead, establishing those company representatives approved to request badges and permits on behalf of the company.